Service Plan

The Reimagine RTS service plan uses the guiding principles and a best practice approach to deliver what works: a comprehensive network of frequent transit; a simplified system that is easy to understand and use; and an improved customer experience that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency while minimizing the impact on current customers. Specific alignment changes within the RTS system focus on growing ridership and productivity through faster, more direct service, with shorter wait times, and increased frequency and connectivity.

Implementation Resources:

Reimagine RTS System Map(PDF)

Route and On Demand Zone One Pagers (PDFs in Google Drive)

PDF of the Final Recommendation Report, including the Service Plan.

Word Doc of  Final Recommendation Report, including the Service Plan.

Reporte final de las recomendaciones de Reimagine RTS, incluyendo el plan de servicio. (Word Doc)

Interactive System Map

Click the expand icon expand map icon in the top left corner of the interactive map to view individual routes and service types.

To view the map in a new window or on a mobile device, open Google Maps.

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