Reimagine RTS is a redesign of the public transit system in Monroe County to better meet the needs, demands and expectations of the community by providing the most effective and sustainable mass transit system, where mass transit is designed to work, complemented by new mobility options.

During Stage One, RTS worked with Transportation Management & Design, Inc. (TMD) to determine the structure of the fixed-route system where we operate our 40- and 60-foot buses. During Stage Two, we worked with the IBI Group (IBI) to identify new, innovative solutions for the On Demand Zones (formerly "Community Mobility Zones"). Stage Three focused on determining the solution for a paratransit service that complies with all necessary regulations and maintains service for all current customers. Stage Four is represented by this report which includes the final plan for the reimagined system. The RGRTA Board of Commissioners approved this plan, along with the implementation plan. Stage Five is the implementation of this plan, which culminates in going live on May 17, 2021.

The transformation underway in public transit provides RTS the opportunity to embrace innovative, new technologies and mobility options. People have more choices than ever before and Reimagine RTS is how we will provide customers with a modern, relevant transit system that is frequent, reliable and consistent.